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Paradise Point Bowls Club History

It was on the 23rd September 1967 that 25 members assembled for the purpose of a meeting to discuss an offer from a local land developer regarding developing a Bowling Club.

On the 7th October 1967, a second meeting took place where attendance grew to 34 members. All were very interested in the development of a Bowls Club in their community. The committee advised that the developer’s offer was acceptable, and the land was fit for the purpose of a Bowls Club. It was at that meeting it was decided that Paradise Point Bowls Club be formed.

The first meeting of Paradise Point Bowls Club was held on the 20th October 1967, with 9 members in attendance.

In June 1968 the site was bulldozed and worked commenced on the two greens.

ln May 1969 the Club obtained a loan for the purpose of building the first phase of the Clubhouse. While this was being built, the creation of the two greens continued.

On 1st August 1969, the builder handed over the keys to the President. With the Clubhouse now operating the membership grew to 110 financial members even without the bowling greens.

Work continued on the Greens and on 20th November 1969, the two Greens were finally open for play. This was a very exciting day for the Club. With two Greens in play, more interest was shown by the local residents and our memberships increased steadily. The Club could not afford to employ a greenkeeper at this stage, so the Greens were maintained by that small band of retired men, whom we called the “the tireless few”. A Greenkeeper was employed in February 1970. Volunteers continued to assist with work and surrounds of the Club.

The Club was officially opened on 12th April 1970 by the President of the Gold Coast District Bowls Association. The official opening of the Club gave us recognition in the community.

The Club entered our first team in Pennant Competition in 1971. Membership stood at 171.

In 1972 the second stage of the Club was built. In 1973 the Club set out to compete in Pennants once again and now with 248 members, very strong sides were selected. In 1973 saw the Club win its first Pennant Competition which put the Club on the map. Soon after this, the third green and car park area was levelled, and it was evident the Clubhouse needed to grow yet again.

In 1974 the third stage of the Clubhouse was completed, and the third Green was not far behind. The Membership again increased to 316.

The Club continued to progress and membership continually increased and with the exceptional Greens being produced, better players were drawn to the Club and encouraged other experienced players to join our club. As a result, the Club won the Third Division Pennant in 1982 and quickly followed in 1983 with the Second Division Pennant.

In 1999 gaming machines were introduced to the Club increasing social visitors, members and revenue.

In 2006 the Club identified an aging population within the area and wanted to set the benchmark in the industry, by erecting a first undercover green on the Gold Coast. With a plan in place the Members were excited, and the Undercover Green was officially opened in September 2007 by Member of Broadwater Peta-Kaye Croft.

Amid all the celebrations, some will pause to remember how a small group of dedicated members, ably supported by a hard-working CIub, converted a sand hill into the finest and friendliest Club on the Gold Coast.

Our Vision

To be the leading hospitality venue, and provide high quality bowling facilities to the local community

Our Mission

To foster, promote and increase membership through the provision of quality service and Club facilities in a family friendly, supportive and safe environment

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Alex McRae


Pauline Barton

Lance Kumnick

Mal Guihot

Karen Scott

Cliff Jones

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